Table of contents

Matrix embedding

Cost functions

Machine/Deep Learning attacks

Statistical attacks


Tools & libraries

  • Python JPEG Toolbox: Toolbox for accessing low level JPEG information (DCT coefficients, quantization tables, …) with Python. Its interface is similar to the well-known Matlab JPEG Toolbox.

  • Aletheia: Aletheia is an open source image steganalysis tool for the detection of hidden messages in images. To achieve its objectives, Aletheia uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. It is capable of detecting different steganographic methods as for example LSB replacement, LSB matching and some kind of adaptive schemes.

  • Stego Retweet: A tool for hiding messages in Twitter using retweets. Using a list of hashtags provided by the user, this tool finds and retweets some tweets containing especial words. This allows to hide a message that can be read by the user who has the password. The capacity is of two characters per retweet.