Here you can find an stegoanalysis of popular image steganography tools that you can find in the Internet. The purpose of this page is to provide a comparative study performed with state of the art techniques so that the user knows which tools are safe and which are not.

The steganography tools are separated in two groups. The first group uses techniques for embedding information that can be broken using old statistical attacks or that contain some important error that makes them detectable. These tools are not included in the final comparison table. These tools are:

The second group contains tools that use more advanced techniques and that are difficult to detect. In this case we use machine learning based attacks. This allows us to compare which of these techinques is more difficult to detect in laboratory conditions, but it does not allow us to ensure that these tools can be detected reliably in the real world. These tools are:

I maintain this list to be updated about the status of the tools available and the level of security they provide. If you know another tool that should be in the list, please let me know.

The analysis of the tools was performed using Aletheia.

[ Last updated on 2019-08-01 ]