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Here you can find a list of my steganography and steganalysis tools


Aletheia is an open source image steganalysis tool for the detection of hidden messages in images. To achieve its objectives, Aletheia uses state-of-the-art machine learning techniques. It is capable of detecting several different steganographic methods as for example F5, Steghide, LSB replacement, LSB matching and some kind of adaptive schemes.

Articles on practical steganalysis with Aletheia:


HStego is a tool for hiding data in bitmap and JPEG images. This tool uses some of the most advanced steganography methods known today, along with an upper limit on the amount of data that can be hidden so that it cannot be reliably detected by modern steganalysis tools.

Stego Retweet

Stego Retweet is a tool for hiding messages in Twitter using retweets. Using a list of hashtags provided by the user, this tool finds and retweets some tweets containing especial words. This allows to hide a message that can be read by the user who has the password. The capacity is of two characters per retweet.


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