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In StegoLab you can find articles and implementations of different techniques used in steganography, steganalysis and watermarking.


Basic concepts:


Cost functions:



  • Watermarking examples: Implementation of some watermarking schemes proposed in the book Digital Watermarking and Steganography by I. J. Cox, M. L. Miller, J. A. Bloom, J. Fridrich and T. Kalker.

    • System 1: E_BLIND/L_LC
      Blind Embedding (E_BLIND) and Linear Correlation Detection (D_LC). E_BLIND simply adds a pattern to an image.

    • System 2: E_FIXED_LC/L_LC
      Fixed Linear Correlation Embedder (E_FIXED_LC) and Linear Correlation Detection (D_LC). E_FIXED_LC adjusts the strength of the watermark to ensure that the watermarked image has a specified linear correlation (informed embedding).

    • System 3: E_BLK_BLIND/D_BLK_CC
      Block-Based, Blind Embedding (E_BLK_BLIND) and Correlation Coefficient Detection (D_BLK_CC). E_BLK_BLIND adds a pattern by block averaging.

    • System 4: E_SIMPLE_8/D_SIMPLE_8
      8-Bit Blind Embedder (E_SIMPLE_8) and 8-Bit Detector (D_SIMPLE_8). E_SIMPLE_8 is a version of E_BLIND modified to embed 8-bits.

    • System 5: E_TRELLIS_8/D_TRELLIS_8
      Trellis-Coding Embedder (E_TRELLIS_8) and Viterbi Detector (D_TRELLIS_8). E_TRELLIS_8 embeds 8-bit messages using trellis-coded modulation.